Master Youngmok Kim is a 4th-degree black belt and obtained his firstdegree black belt from Kukkiwon, the world headquarters of taekwondo in 1988. He served as a taekwondo instructor at the ROKAF (Republic of Korea Air Force) for 2 years and 6 months prior to coming to the US in 2003 to pursue his doctorate degree in nutrition and food science at Texas A&M university.

Master Kim has continuously trained in multiple taekwondo centers in Korea and the US and has over a decade of experience teaching, referring, and competing in taekwondo.

Master Kim’s teaching philosophies

– A strong body makes the mind strong
– Your only limit is you
– Never give up! Fall down 7 times, and gets up 8 times.
– Believe in yourself and love yourself!
– Let’s have some fun!