Library Week (2/20 – 2/24/2023)

Why Children Need To Go To The Library

Reading is important because of so many reasons. Children can develop strong literacy skills which help them succeed in academic fields. It increases the development of empathy and understanding of other people’s perspectives. It also helps children explore and open to new knowledge or specific interests.  Therefore, taking children to the library where books, technology, and resources are available is essential for their development. Children can see people read and they develop a sense that reading is a natural thing for people to do. They can have fun storytime and other free resources in the library. While in the library, they can change the way they approach books because there are so many different reading options to choose from and make a selection for their own interests.

Our theme for this upcoming week (2/20-2/24/2023) is Library Fun. We will take children to different local libraries and have them choose and borrow books. At the end of the week, we want to teach our children to love reading and develop good reading habits.  Please refer to the 2/20-2/24 weekly newsletter for a detailed schedule.